Youth Training

High School
Strength and Conditioning:
Level 2

This class specializes in training aimed at elevating performance to collegiate standards.

Our program

8 Week Class |  3 Training Sessions Per Week | Grades: 10-12 | $229

HSSC2 builds upon the foundation laid in HSSC1, intensifying the focus on strength, power, and speed.

Athletes will engage in specialized training methodologies aimed at elevating performance to collegiate standards. Our seasoned instructor provides targeted guidance, emphasizing not only physical prowess but also mental resilience essential for the collegiate arena. HSSC 2 is designed to seamlessly prepare athletes for the challenges and opportunities of college sports, ensuring a comprehensive and tailored approach to reaching peak athletic potential.

*This class can only be taken after completing HSSC Level 1 and will be offered in the offseason of rotating sports.*

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No matter your fitness goals, you shouldn’t have to go at it alone.

We aim to build a community to train together. We believe that being able to move well and that being stronger leads to a better and healthier future, so get started on your journey today!