Invest In Your Future By Investing In Your Health

Why Goff Performance

 Goff Performance is a locally-owned boutique gym based in Raleigh, NC. We specialize in adult group fitness classes, personal and small-group training, and sports performance training. Our gym is dedicated to providing tailored fitness experiences that help individuals achieve their health and performance goals in a supportive and community-focused environment.

We prioritize functional training.

Our goal is to help our clients move better, feel better, and perform better in their daily lives. 

We work with you to help prevent injuries.

Strength training not only helps you feel better, but also improves balance, coordination, and control to avoid injuries.

We’re building a community.

Join a group of growth-oriented individuals who are constantly looking for positive ways to improve their lives.

Youth Training

 Training is optimal for those looking to get the most out of a workout. Choose what style of training you are looking for, whether it is to prepare for a specific-sport or focus on building a stronger, healthier body with general functional training.

Adult Training

Explore our adult programming designed to elevate your fitness journey. From Adult Strength and Conditioning sessions tailored for your optimal performance to personal training fostering a foundation for a healthy and active lifestyle, we’ve got the perfect fit for every age and fitness level.

Meet Your Trainer

Daniel Goff is your ally on the path to fitness excellence.

Daniel Goff has a B.A. in Exercise and Sport Science, a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NCSA), and Certified Functional Strength Coach (MBSC).

Founder of Goff Performance, Daniel is dedicated to guiding clients toward their fitness aspirations, whether they’re high-performance athletes gearing up for intense competition or parents aiming to match their kids’ playground energy.

"Daniel helped me get back on track with prioritizing my health. I look forward to going to Daniel's weekly strength and conditioning training classes, because all I have to do is show up, and Daniel makes them fun, easy to understand, and boosts my confidence to grow in my fitness goals."


"I loved Goff Performance’s classes! They were challenging yet enjoyable and I definitely felt it the next day! I love that it’s functional training and I see the results not only in how I look but how I feel doing day to day tasks. High recommend and can’t wait to continue working with coach Dan."


"Great workouts! I have been an athlete my whole life and have been through many different gyms, trainers, and programs. One workout with Daniel and you will know he is the real deal. His focus on form and knowledge on how to properly perform each lift is awesome. The energy and consistency in his workouts is what keeps me coming back!"


"I was really intimidated by strength training before, and I can honestly say Daniel's coaching was a game changer. I love lifting weights now and feel stronger & more empowered than ever. I'd recommend Goff Performance to anyone!"


Ready To Get Started?

No matter your fitness goals, you shouldn’t have to go at it alone.

We aim to build a community to train together. We believe that being able to move well and that being stronger leads to a better and healthier future, so get started on your journey today!